28 Years Experience in Milford Township


  • 005 Committee

    28 years on Milford’s Township Board as a trustee.

  • 006 Engineer

    10 years as a ZBA member

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    15 years on the Village Parks and Rec as a member and chair.

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  • 001 Storefront

    39 years of owning a small business in Milford.

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    Student Senate President at Grand Valley State University while in College.

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    Past Precinct Delegate within Milford.

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    Bachelor of Science degree in Economics.


I grew up in Milford, live in Milford and work in Milford. By working in our community, I see the community every day and monitor for issues that need addressing.  For example, I definitely understand our traffic flows!

Everyday I see our citizens out and about, not just passing them in the office.  This will make me a more effective communicator with our citizens and better able to hear their concerns.


I am running to be the Township Supervisor for Milford after serving as a Trustee since 1992. I feel I can make a stronger and more meaningful impact for our community than I can as a trustee.

My point of difference is that I will be more transparent to our citizens. I will ask and listen to citizens on important matters that affect our community.

I believe in town hall meetings, better technology, better leadership during board meetings and being proactive regarding the growth of our community, rather than reactive.

Projects I have supported include:


Brien is an honest hard working business owner who I've had the pleasure of dealing with since moving to Milford 3 years ago.  His efforts and experience would definitely be a continued benefit to our community.

John Micallef

I have known Brien for several years and have always found him to be responsive to the needs of his customers and the community. I have no doubt that he would serve us well in this capacity.

Chris M.

Brien is a:

Breath of fresh air.
Proactive not reactive.

Tom Johnson

I feel that Brien will provide much needed transparency in township processes, particularly when it comes to rezoning with developers who want to come in with high density plans. He has long said that the township needs to look and plan ahead to have a plan for the increasing traffic issues that are becoming a burden to residents.

Our current leadership has led us into costly litigation, the results of which will be carried by township residents. Brien will make sure that the township doesn’t find itself in similar situations going forward and is committed to protecting and enforcing the Master Plan that was developed by residents.

Beth Markell

Brien Worrell is a dedicated, hard working individual that will get the job done. I do not live in Milford Township but we do a lot of work there. They need Someone with his dedication to do the Job right.

Chris Williams

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